C-Suite Business Services for Start-Ups, Without the Overheads

An individual with a great idea, passion and drive can build a business with firm foundations. Capitalising on those early successes means focussed, pragmatic business strategy, and building a team around you, bringing in skills and experience you either don’t have to hand or don’t have time to implement.

Of course, start-ups with their sights set on greater goals have a sharp eye on efficiency and overheads too – taking on new employees at early stages is a huge commitment.

Provincia works with and inside the business, supporting entrepreneurs and owners wherever necessary. Whether you’re just getting started, growing your business, taking it public or selling it on, C-suite level Exec support is provided without the typical hefty overheads.

In short, Provincia enables established and prospective business leaders to spend more time focusing on what they do best.

Planning and strategy

Business Planning and Strategy for Startups

You have an idea for a start-up that you’d like to make a reality, or have recently launched and need help creating a commercial plan.

Provincia can provide business planning and strategy created to get the best from the products and services you’ve worked hard to offer to the world.

Our level of engagement entirely depends on your needs: we can work with you to create a plan that matches your aspirations and goals. It might mean a one-page overview to keep on your desk, or you might benefit from a fully-detailed document suitable for government funding.

A wealth of experience in all matters of business development is available – get in touch.

Team building

Team building for your business

A lone board member shoulders a huge amount of responsibility, and as your business grows you’ll find yourself in need of other members to complement and augment your successes.

Sharing the load can be a daunting experience, especially when it comes to a business you’ve worked hard to bring to fruition.

Provincia helps start-ups and young businesses to build the right team, finding Board members who not only bring required expertise, but match the vision, goals and ethos of your company.

Tell us what you’re missing, and we can do the rest. If you’re not sure what that is yet, we can help you decide.

Operational support including commercial finance and logistics

Operational support including commercial, finance and logistics

There comes a time when the day-to-day operations of a business can become overwhelming – even the most efficient and energetic of business owners will start to consider less than ideal compromises when the to-do list is endless.

Provincia can focus on managing your business operations – including commercial, financial and logistics – while you have the time to step back and think bigger.

It’s the neatest solution for those who need C-suite insight and experience without the salary a full-time position would demand, and Provincia will additionally help to optimise procedures and protocols across the board, refining until that efficiency you love is once again firmly underpinning the business.


Funding for startup businesses

Navigating the world of business funding need not be daunting, troublesome or complex – hiring in an expert will allow you to better understand your own needs and prepare the business accordingly.

When you’re ready, Provincia can advise on the best route to acquiring funds and the best financial options for your business, whether that be debt, equity, angel, vc, or crowds.

Sale and Acquisition

Selling & Acquiring

Hunting out the right business to acquire requires no small amount of industry understanding, market savvy and experience-led foresight. Provincia can provide market research, identify targets that best suit your needs and your own business experience, then make the necessary confidential approaches, leading negotiations if necessary.

That same diligence and support is at the ready when it’s time to sell-up and move on – we’ll prep the business to derive maximum value, seek out and secure the right purchasers and advise throughout the sale process, taking the lead when you need.


Since 2007, I have been co-founder, partner and director of over 25 start-ups, covering 10 sectors and three countries. Some ventures were more successful than others (some complete failures), but each one an adventure that I continue to learn from.

The unique challenges presented by start-ups and early-stage SME’s are the key drivers that keep me focused on this level of business, and are the reason that Provincia was formed – to help those walking their own path with experience and advice that can be hard to acquire.

From services to manufacturing, bricks and mortar to digital, B2B and consumer, I continue to partner entrepreneurs and creatives to launch and run the businesses they want.

Currently, I am advisor, ambassador, director, mentor or partner in the following sectors:

  • eCommerce
  • Corporate Branding and Communications
  • Beverage
  • Children’s Book Publishing – print and digital
  • Foreign Exchange / Financial Product
  • Product Design

Provincia can support all areas of launch and development, as well as some recovery situations.

Key services include:

  • Planning and strategy
  • Operational support including commercial, finance and logistics
  • Team building
  • Sourcing funds
  • Sale & Acquisition




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